Topas Eco Lodge Resort

Topas Eco Lodge Resort


Topas Eco Lodge is situated in the perfect location at two cone-shaped hills set deep in the spectacular Sapa valley of Northern Vietnam. Code words for our little place are simplicity, quality and character . Topas Eco Lodge has been built by local constructors and skilled local people. Staffing the Lodge with local people offers them opportunities for employment throughout the year. At Topas Eco Lodge we want every guest to have the perfect surroundings for a relaxing and enjoyable vacation.

Topas Eco Lodge is situated in the perfect location at two cone-shaped hills


The Eco Lodge consists of 25 individual lodges placed in a circle around the hills. From the lodge there are breathtaking views across the scenic valleys below, which are home to villages of the Tay and Red Dao minorities. The lodges are made of white granite from a nearby quarry and the roofs are made from palm branches. All the lodges are double or twin rooms. All are equipped with toilet and shower facilities, and every lodge has a porch from where you can view the valley or enjoy the sunset.

25 bungalows made of white granite from a nearby quarry, and roofs thatched with palm branches . All bungalows are double or twin rooms Private balcony with a magnificent view over the valley. Solar system that produce electricity for the bungalows Solar system for hot water facility.


– Restaurant:
A restaurant and a reception will provide the service needed to satisfy 50 guests at a time. In the Thai stilt house restaurant we offer a buffet three times a day and many delicious dishes.

– Sport & Leisure:
The list of things to do when visiting Topas Ecolodge is long. However, you are also welcome to just sit down and relax. Enjoy the solitude and the peaceful environment as it is. If you are more into active holiday, then Topas Adventure offers a number of activities starting from the lodge. You can book them direct at the lodge at the Topas Adventure Travel desk.
We define walking as easy tours on foot with a duration of approximately 2-3 hours. We will have enough time to visit the nearby Red Dao village of Thanh Kim and the local school, black smith and observe the local agricultural traditions.

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